Oh, hey! Welcome to The Accessorist.


I’m Kendall, a copywriter living in Minneapolis with my husband, Chris. I grew up in southern Minnesota and followed my writing passion to the University of Iowa (#goHawks). I always thought my career might one day send me to Seattle or San Francisco, but I love calling the Land of 10,000 Lakes home. 

I started my first blog in 2012 to help me get a job as a copywriter. Less than a year after my first post, I accepted a position as Associate Copywriter at Lands’ End, writing * riveting * catalog copy about flannel sheets and men’s dress pants. I was psyched—and will always have a soft spot for the brand (and Bob, my Creative Director, and the rest of the hiring/writing team that gave me that break!). I’m now the copywriter for a fast-growing national women’s fashion brand, and my blog has become less of a portfolio and more of a place to simply share my style.

Here you’ll find my latest obsessions—from fashion to home—curated with an eye for affordable quality. As we adjust to life with a mortgage and plan our wedding (while trying to squash those student loans), I’m slowly learning to be smarter about spending and not give in to every shopping urge. The right accessories can go a long way. Follow along as I style a life somewhere between Rachel Zoe—“here’s my rule about shoes: buy them”—and Suze Orman—“get your shit together and start investing”—two unapologetically kickass women who equally inspire me. I think there’s room for a little of both in this life.


Style vibe: modern classic / fewer, better things

Usually wearing: black

Bad habit: staying up too late & living on dry shampoo  

Dream day: boating & cocktailing at the lake

Guilty pleasure: bar pizza (cut in squares!)

Podcast love: The Morning Toast, The Glossy Podcast, Up First, The goop Podcast

Cure all: exercise, water & Anthropologie candles

Netflix go-to: The Office

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