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How to Get Black-Tie Glam in 1 Step

How to Get Black-Tie Glam in 1 Step

A couple of weeks ago, Chris and I road tripped to Omaha for a wedding. The dress code was black tie optional. I was excited to wear a long dress; Chris was not to buy a suit. I decided on this J.Crew maxi, on sale, that is kind of in the middle of formal and informal, thinking I could dress it up for the wedding and be able to wear it with a jean jacket and slides for more casual occasions. It's effortless and casually beautiful.


Chris and I arrived at the Gateway to the West around 7 PM on Friday and shortly after met one of my good college friends for dinner at Plank and drinks at Brickway Brewery in the Old Market. I was charmed by the cobblestone streets and it was fun to explore a city I otherwise wouldn't make a point to visit. 

For the wedding the next day, I wore my usual stud earrings and chain necklace. I simply shrugged into a faux fur vest for a touch of glam and was instantly ready for cocktail hour at the Omaha Design Center.


You guys, this vest. Not your typical fur vest. It has a longer hem that drapes elegantly past your hips. It looks looks amazing layered over a long skirt in a boho-chic way. And I love the clean, soft taupe color—kind of Game of Thrones-glam. It was nice to have the option to wear inside if it was chilly (or not when dancing), and it was the perfect alternative to a jacket for the cool-but-not-freezing October Saturday. 

You could add this vest to almost any simple black dress and be ready for a black-tie affair or New Year's Eve with little other effort. Or, you know, just wear it with your jeans like I do in between black tie soirees (wink!). 


We didn't stay long after the cake was cut, which I feel bad about, but it's hard when you don't know anyone other than the bride and groom, don't you think? The bride is one of those friends with whom you can pick up where you left off any time, with a huge heart, sharp wit and refreshing bluntness—and the man she married is literally her perfect, goofy, match. It's always fun to be at those ceremonies, regardless of how long you make it at the reception! 

The couple has a cabin (read: beautiful home) in central Minnesota, and we can't wait to see them at the lake this summer! 


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P.S. I bought these metallic d'orsay heels for an interview at a creative agency a few years ago (I would've been on the Harley-Davidson account, so it's probably for the best that it didn't work out!), and they're one of the best shoe purchases I've made—great for fancy events like this one and super fun with jeans, too. Sequins and shine styled casually for day is happening and a pair of gold pumps is a great way to wear the trend. 

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