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How To Keep Your Lips Rosy All Winter

How To Keep Your Lips Rosy All Winter

Happy Monday! How was your weekend? Ours was pretty low-key (and went SO fast)—on Saturday, we met my mom and sister in Dinkytown to watch the Gophers game and eat our weight in nachos, then moved on to Bunny's NE to see Iowa take on Wisconsin. We finished the night early at Lakes & Legends brewery, then Chris and I spent Sunday cheering for the Vikes, making a big pot of pasta, and catching up on SNL (T. Swift killed it).

It was gloriously sunny throughout our Saturday bar crawl (blindingly, actually), but the dry air and dropping temps are real. I started seeing the effect on my skin and lips a few weeks ago—and have since developed a little survival kit to keep my lips from cracking all winter (spoiler alert: Chapstick alone doesn't cut it up here in Minneapolis). My routine is totally working, so I wanted to share! 


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Before bed, I apply a lip sleeping mask by Laneige. It releases antioxidants and moisture and locks it all in for eight hours and—poof—a supple, flake-free pout by the time your alarm buzzes (what's easier than that?)! It absorbs quickly and feels just like a balm you would wear during the day. 

In the morning, I get going with a few dabs of Rosebud Salve for a hint of pink followed by Benefit's Double The Lip—it's a liner and lipstick in one that promises visibly fuller lips. I stumbled on it when walking around Sephora, and honestly just picked it up for the color. I use Lusty Rose, which is a deep but natural rosy pink that's just a little bit darker than my natural shade—the perfect subtle pick-me-up for every day. I don't notice a dramatic difference in the liner and lipstick when applied, but I like knowing that I'm getting the benefit of both in one swipe (because, as you know, I don't exactly have a ton of extra time in the mornings). 


I don't wear lip color on a regular basis, but keep telling myself I need to start (my mom always wore lipstick to work and I have it in my head that's what adults do). This super wearable shade makes it easy to get in the habit.  


Pick your poison: Rosebud Perfume Co. also makes strawberry, minted rose and rose & mandarin lip balm. Yum! 


I usually have to layer on Chapstick every hour, but with this three-step routine, I only need a hint of Rosebud Salve once or twice during the work day. And, let's be honest, these pretty products are a lot more fun to use than an androgynous tube of Chapstick. 

Pro tip: the pot is crucial when wearing color because it lets you use your finger to dab the balm onto your lips whenever you need a little bit of moisture—whereas with a tube or stick, you'd end up smearing your lip color onto the applicator. No bueno. 


Use an exfoliating treatment 2 or 3 times a week (before color application) to scrub away dead skin and keep your lips smooth. Here are a couple of good ones. 

Lips are like your eyes—or smile—or anything on your face, really. They're hard to miss. And soft, hydrated lips are kind of the goal whether you live in the North or not. Pamper yours this winter with this cute little trio that makes the simple ritual of self-care fun. 

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