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A Little Trick For When You're Fighting

A Little Trick For When You're Fighting

Here's the thing: wedding planning is a B. 

I'm not really sure how Chris and I started fighting last Friday night—after seeing another (too high) quote from a vendor we'd been negotiating with for weeks, I was fully prepared to let go of my vision for an October wedding on St. Anthony Main (note: "the prettiest street in Minneapolis"). I wasn't, however, ready to say yes to the other venue still in the running that just didn't feel special. Stressed out about where to go from there, we both started spiraling. (In case you missed it, we got engaged in December!) 

It's hard to find that balance between aesthetics and practicality—to determine what we're willing to let go of to maintain the budget, and what we have to have—especially when so much is rolling in OVER budget. We both went to bed angry and woke up on Saturday feeling much the same.

But I had already bought tickets to see the Stillwater ice castles (on my winter bucket list!), and it seemed silly to waste them. So, despite the chill between us, we grabbed our sunglasses and our puffy parkas and set out to see some ice! 


The "castle" was okay—certainly a spectacle for all the kiddos bundled in snowsuits, pulled around in plastic sleds by their parents—but not the looming skyscraper I'd envisioned. Still—we were outside and experiencing something new that made us forget (for brief moments) the tension and wedding drama.

We snapped photos of each other against icy blue cavernous walls, studied the paper map to ensure we hit all points of interest, helped each other (well, Chris helped me) stay standing along the slippery inclines and walked the streets of Stillwater side by side in search of somewhere to eat.

Certainly small things—but something. 


It was 40 degrees for our little day trip, but still January in Minnesota. Down jackets (to stay warm) and polarized sunnies (to take it all in) were the two things we had to have as headed out to break the ice. 

Lifted Optics is a local Minneapolis company that makes high-quality, sustainable and affordable eyewear. Every pair is made from natural wood grain (super durable!), has spring hinges for the perfect fit and polarized lenses to combat that snow (and sun) glare.


They're lightweight and so comfortable you forget you're wearing them—unlike some pairs I own that leave marks on my cheeks and nose or hurt my ears after a few hours. Every style is under $75, which is perfect if you're pinching pennies for a wedding (or just life in general) like us!


Plus, the founders plant a tree for every pair of sunglasses sold. I'm trying to be a more mindful consumer, and companies like Lifted Optics that give back and support the environment with stylish accessories make it easy. 


Chris loves the colored mirrored lenses on his wood-framed wayfarers, and I'm all about the versatility of my two-toned clubmastersthey look just as good going to cocktails as they do running to the gym on Saturday. 


So, our wedding date and venue are still TO BE DETERMINED, but we have a couple of new possibilities bubbling up that we're cautiously optimistic could pan out. I have dress appointments booked for four weeks from now, and it would be ideal to know the season and setting as a foundation for choosing lace or satin, sleeves or no sleeves. And, fashion aside, Chris and I will both (hopefully) feel less stressed once we get the whole WHERE and WHEN figured out. 

Still, I'm sure there will be more times over the next few months when we need a little fresh air to gain a little perspective and get us talking again. And with great sunglasses that were built for outdoor adventure, we're always ready to roll. 


Chris is wearing: ISLE (c/o) in ebony wood/black frame/blue lens. I'm wearing: TONKA (c/o) in ebony wood/black frame/smoke lens. All opinions are my own. SHOP ALLLIFTED OPTICS SUNGLASSES 


How do you get out and get on with it when you're fighting with your significant other? 

USE CODE TheAccessorist2018 FOR 10% OFF YOUR LIFTED OPTICS ORDER! #LiveLifeLifted


P.S. The fight is over! Chris wiped yesterday's dumping of snow off my car this morning (we got a foot! the biggest snow storm in seven years)—and spending any more time than necessary outside on a cold, dark January morning—the truest display of love here in Minnesota. What a keeper. 

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