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My Signature Jewelry Style

My Signature Jewelry Style

When I studied abroad as a junior in college, I bought a ring in each new city visited as a souvenir: a thick band with elephants picked up on Portobello Road, something amber in Prague (there was so much amber) and a Claddagh ring in the Irish countryside on our way to the Cliffs of Moher. 

I can't remember what others I found and flew home with after six months—and I no longer wear any of them—but I love the idea of marking travels and milestones with jewelry and then having pieces to wear every day as reminders of trips, births, birthdays and anniversaries. 


Until those milestones arrive (ha), a girl's gotta have earrings to get through the day! I've naturally developed a sense of what I like since those study abroad days—I guess you could call it a signature style—and, I gotta say, I feel good about it. Nothing makes me feel more mature than having a signature something. Like having a signature scent or drink, it indicates you've been been around the block enough to have tried some things, failed at some things and arrived at an understanding of what works for you. 


Every day I wear medium-sized gold-plated diamond studs (not real diamonds—#wishlist), a delicate gold necklace (sometimes a couple layered together) and a few gold bracelets (I like clean, bold cuffs and styles that have an architectural edge to them).

Putting on my jewelry in the morning feels like brushing my teeth or washing my face—I never have to think about it, and I'm always satisfied with the results! I've found I spend less money overall, too, because I'm not scooping up stuff just because it's cute. It's easy to walk away from cute hoops at Anthropologie, for example, because I know I'll wear my studs 99% of the time. 

(BTW, don't mind my blotchy red neck in these photos—apparently shamelessly taking pictures in public makes me break out in hives.) 


This combination was the perfect amount of flair to dress up my simple black sweater for brunch at Alma last weekend without feeling like too much for a quiet Sunday morning. That's kind of the general balance I'm trying to strike in life, you know? 


It's fun—and necessary—to have statement pieces, but I've been working on building up my everyday collection first so I have the go-tos that make me feel great every day or when I'm in a pinch (aka late again). Then, as birthdays, weddings and other special occasions pop up, it's easy to layer in a flashy cocktail ring or feathered lariat. Icing on the cake. 


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photos by Jackie Saffert


Do you have a signature jewelry style?

I struggle with where to buy jewelry that is affordable but not cheap. Please share in the comments if you have any favorite brands or Minneapolis shops I should check out! 


This weekend, we're going to a St. Cloud State hockey game (Chris's alma mater) and heading back to one of our top wedding venue picks for a second walk-through. I'm also braving the Twin Cities Bridal Show with my mom. I wasn't sure if I wanted to go (it seems overwhelming), but if nothing else, it'll be fun to see the fashion show and enter some giveaways! Look for some live updates on my Insta stories! Have a great rest of your week and weekend! 

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