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6 Dreamy Pajama Sets to Get You Through Winter

6 Dreamy Pajama Sets to Get You Through Winter

Whoooo’s excited about the short week? Woop woop!

Working in retail means it’s a busy week for me, but I was able to work ahead a bit last week and am not feeling TOO stressed, all things considered. With lots of activity happening over the upcoming holiday weekend (and the sun going down at 4:30), I’ve been taking it easy and LIVING in pajamas. Like, come home from work, grab a bowl of Chex Mix, change into my pajamas and hunker down on the couch for the night. Sounds super indulgent and lazy, but it’s kind of what winter is all about, right? Regardless of whether you’re spending half of your days in pajamas like me, or just the normal sleeping hours, it’s a good time to update your stash and make sure you’re cozy as can be for winter. And if you’re traveling for the holidays, it’s always key to pack something that’s acceptable (i.e. not ratty, see-through or too revealing) for movie nights and pancake breakfasts with extended family and relatives. Here are a few sets I’m loving now.


I love that these sets look like sweats—perfect for hanging around the house before actually crawling under the covers.

all under $100: Floral Embroidery Pajamas | Stretch Modal Pajamas | Gray Lace Pajamas


I’m a big fan of pajama pants over shorts, especially in the winter. These are light and silky while still keeping you warm.

Stripe Camisole & Stripe Jogger | Camisole & Pant Set | Long-Sleeve Pajama Pant Set


Don’t forget a cozy hoodie or cardigan to layer over barely-there tanks and camisoles.

Hoodie | Cardigan | Long Sleeve Tee

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