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A Few Ideas For Your Holiday Gift Exchange

A Few Ideas For Your Holiday Gift Exchange

Well, the gift shopping has begun! I bought a few things over the weekend and then a few more on Cyber Monday. * Pat on the back * for not going overboard. I’m really focused on (and close to achieving) some financial goals, so I’m being really selective about what I buy.

Suze Orman is right—saving can be as satisfying as spending! ;)

But I’m not a total Scrooge and in addition to picking out gifts for Chris, my family and potentially my boss (thoughts on gifting your boss?), we’re hosting a small Christmas party/gift exchange at our house in a couple of weeks. If you're doing something similar, here are a few affordable ideas to show up with (wine doesn’t hurt either)!


for the beauty buff

No. 1 Facial Roller: a popular new beauty gadget I’ve been wanting to try that relieves facial tension and reduces puffiness (perfect for the morning after too much holiday indulgence!) No. 2 Lip Scrub, Balm & Night Treatment: I recently listened to the Sara Happ interview on The Influencer Podcast—her story gave me chills, and I hadn’t realized she was THE lip guru! Her innovative lip balm works all day, hydrating unlike other dehydrating formulas. Game-changer.

for the homebody

No. 3 Candle Trio: woodsy votives perfect for January when she’s over Frasier fir and spiced berry, but still wants to set a cozy mood! No. 4 Soap & Lotion Set: a simple and practical luxury for the bathroom or kitchen sink that EVERYONE can use. So silly, but I am lusting after a set like this—so much prettier than Dial!

for wellness

No. 5 Ginger Flight Therapy: a pocket companion to roll away travel stress—the ritual alone helps me feel instantly calmer. No. 6 SuperYou Dietary Supplement: this trendy winter necessity improves energy, mood, focus and beauty—a daily pick-me-up she’ll look forward to popping (unlike those Women’s One-a-Days)!

for the hostess

No. 7 Wine Stoppers (Skull, Pigs Fly, Glitter Bee) a functional accent that you don’t realize you need until you need it—great to have a few on hand! No. 8 Cocktail Napkins (Topiary, Ginger Jar, Hydrangea): a fun way to dress up all those winter dinner parties

I went a little crazy and added a bunch more cocktail napkins to the widget below! I also saw lots of fun holiday paper napkins at Sur La Table when I was out shopping last weekend that I’ll have to grab before our party. Happy gifting!

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