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My Birthday Wish List

My Birthday Wish List

My birthday is coming up in a couple of weeks, and while I don't send my mom a wish list anymore (I was tempted), there are a few things I'm thinking of splurging on for myself! 


Petersyn Blouse | Stevie May Jumpsuit | Vital Proteins Collagen Beauty Greens | OLEHENRIKSEN Truth Serum® | J.Crew Glitter Slides | Dress Like a Woman Coffee Table Book | Kate Spade Entertaining Book | Ann Taylor Suede Sandals (shop all AT shoes—so many good ones!) | Fresh Lip Treatment in Petal | 50 mm 1.8 Canon Lens | Copper Cocktail Shaker | BB Dakota Floral Blouse | Outdoor Voices Leggings (love the matching bras and crop tops! shop all leggings here.) | Cuyana Leather Tote | RevitaLash® Advanced Eyelash Conditioner  (see more lash growth serums here!

In case you're keeping score, I'm still trying to stick to a neutral clothing palette, but a few lighter, brighter colors and florals are necessary! I'm craving statement tops, easy jumpsuits and fun sandals for spring! 

I've been hearing a lot about collagen lately and decided to start mixing collagen powder into my morning smoothies for an extra beauty boost. Target stocks Vital Proteins and a lot of other brands! I want to try the beauty water, too. And now that I'm turning 30, an anti-aging serum with collagen is necessary! 

I'm always working on my coffee table book collection and these two recently caught my eye—"a comprehensive look at the role of gender and clothing in the workplace" and a classic Kate Spade entertaining book.  

I think I'm ready for a big girl camera lens! I admittedly haven't been spending that much time with my camera lately, but I signed up for a workshop at Lab Mpls next weekend, and want to have all the right tools in my tool belt. 

Lots of women at my office have lash extensions or regularly get tints, lifts, etc. We were discussing all of the options the other day, and someone said they swear by Revitalash. It's less of a commitment than extensions—just a swipe at night—so I'm thinking about giving it a try for longer, fuller lashes.  

I've come to accept that while bold lipsticks are fun for special occasions, I'm more of a bare lips kind of girl. But I do want a little color to get me through the day, and Fresh's sugar lip treatment in Petal is the perfect subtle pick-me-up.

It's starting to get warmer and I am in the mood for margaritas! The other day I wanted to make these cantaloupe margaritas or these kiwi margaritas, but didn't have a cocktail shaker so I gave up. It's a bar essential that I definitely need, and 30 feels like the year, folks! (I also still have not splurged on the Camille wine glasses—I'm trying to wait until we move into a house, but they're 20% OFF until March 31, and it just might make sense to snag them on sale! Shop the Wine & Dine Sale.) 

I bought a faux leather tote a few months ago, trying to be thrifty, and after hauling it around through winter, I'm seeing a few signs of wear and tear. A high quality genuine leather tote for work and travel is a great investment—again, it feels right for 30! 

This is the #1 item on my list! I work out at least 3 times a week, but have never invested in great leggings (whyyyyy?). I want basic black tights from Lululemon and a couple of pairs from Outdoor Voices—I love the chevron design. They're pricey, but so practical—in addition to making workouts more fun, I'd wear them to lounge around on weekends, too. 


How do you treat yourself on your birthday?


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