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My Sunday Brunch Secret

My Sunday Brunch Secret

I have a mental block against getting ready on Sundays (anyone else?!). After showering, shaving, blow-drying and putting on makeup Monday through Friday, I relish in the low maintenance of Sunday morning. But I also love brunch—and while I won't do my full routine, venturing out in public requires some level of prep. 


A classic wool fedora is my quick fix, instantly making me feel chic and effortless at the same time. 


I haven't always been a hat girl. But this guy finally made me come around.

With a structured shape and leather trim, it's a statement in itself—so you don't need all the foundation and mascara. The wide brim gives you a little extra coverage (great if you're still a little bleary from the night before), and it actually keeps you warm and protected from whipping winds. There's also something ... mysterious and alluring about a girl in a hat—it's perfect for stealthily exchanging gossip with girlfriends over salty dogs. I was a little worried that this one, like every hat, wouldn't fit my larger-than-average head (seriously), but it totally works (so if you're an egghead like me, order away!).

Just add some texture spray if your hair is a little limp and go! 


SHOP THE POST: Leather Trim Fedora | Denim Jacket (Blank) | Wrap Scarf (Madewell) | Blouse | Jeans | Tote | Ankle Boots

My Madewell wrap that doubles as a scarf and poncho is from a few years ago, but they make great versions every season. Shop the latest and greatest here.

Speaking of brunch, what's your favorite spot in Minneapolis? Now that Minnesota is freezing over, going out to eat kind of becomes a central weekend activity. 

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