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Why You Need a Backpack

Why You Need a Backpack

After work on Monday, Chris and I trekked all the way to Maplewood for a show at Myth (pause for embarrassment). Kid Cudi is one of Chris's favorites, and after listening to his songs over and over while riding around in Chris's Jeep, I'm a low-key fan, too—Pursuit of Happiness and Rose Golden are my faves. Driving across the river to see him live seemed doable. 

We grabbed dinner at Jake's—Maplewood is chain heaven, but Jake's has the best chicken ranch wrap ever—then headed over to the show, bracing to be swarmed by sweaty crop-topped teens slugging vodka-cranberries.   


What I didn't brace for is how much second-hand marijuana I would inadvertently inhale throughout the evening. OMG. Everyone was openly toking up throughout the show, encouraged by Cudi, and the club was a hazy cave by the closing song. I was totally out of place in my J.Crew, but it was fun to branch out a bit on a Monday night. 


On the other hand, I didn't crawl very far out of my box with my outfit. (Safe compared to the girl in the satin booty-baring romper in the row ahead of us, stylish by my standards.) 

Sleeveless and spaghetti-strap jumpsuits can seem like summer-only styles, but I slipped my go-to tissue turtleneck underneath my wide-leg jumpsuit and it was instantly ready for November in Minnesota. It would also be great layered over a bodysuit, ruffled tee or Spanx arm tights (I need to try these!), and underneath a puff-sleeve pullover for something different. Shop all my picks for layering your jumpsuit here!


The perfect concert outfit will vary by season, venue and performer, but one thing I'm consistent about whenever going to a show is my bag. There's nothing more annoying than balancing a clutch underneath your arm or hauling a heavy satchel all night long when you'd rather be waving your hands in the air—or just holding a PBR.

Next time you head out to rock out, grab a backpack—they're the right size for a few essentials and have a free-spirit, festival vibe going on that just feels right for the energy of a show. Thin straps, gold hardware and pebbled leather make mine a bit more sophisticated, less school bus than some of the more functional styles out there, and the easy drawstring closure is super convenient for quickly grabbing my phone to Snapchat my favorite songs. 

Go for something roomier, with a bit more structure, if you plan to use it for travel, your commute or campus life, too! Shop all my favorite backpacks here. 


SHOP THE POST: Jumpsuit | Tissue Turtleneck | Backpack (Kate Spade

We don't have another concert booked until Portugal. The Man in February—I'll most likely be bundled up in a parka, but you know I'll have my backpack!

What shows are you going to over the next few months? 

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