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What To Wear For Christmas Everything

What To Wear For Christmas Everything

Happy Friday! You'll have to excuse the short post today as wedding research got the best of me this week. We're in the stressful stage of figuring out when and where to host the big day. Neither of us have our hearts set on a certain month or venue, which means the options are pretty wide open—within our budget, of course. A coworker told me that she and her fiancé had an initial freakout when they first started planning, but once they set a date and chose a venue, things got fun. So I'm holding out for that! 


Meanwhile, the two weeks since we got engaged have flown by! It's such a thrill to see the sparkly diamond on my finger while I'm typing at work, and some friends have sent really sweet cards and care packages full of bridal magazines—fun little surprises to come home to. 


Since I'm shifting into hardcore saving mode for the wedding (and life in general), I won't be buying a special holiday dress this year. They're fun, but not a responsible purchase for something I'll only wear once or twice. Instead, I plan to reuse this outfit for Christmas Eve, Christmas cocktails, Christmas gift exchanges—basically all the Christmas things these next two weeks! 


A relaxed turtleneck sweater and sleek maxi skirt have the special feel of a dress, but can lean casual for hot toddies (a friend and I went to the holiday pop-up bar at Lawless Distillery last night, and it is a must!), or a little dressier for church and Christmas Eve dinner. So versatile. And as with Thanksgiving, it's all about the shoes! These emerald bow heels instantly holidize the look—the perfect color for Christmas, and something you don't have to reserve for a special event. 


My heels are sold out, so I've included a few other delightfully festive shoes for you to browse through! The red satin bow heels are another favorite. (And most of the prices you see below don't reflect all the current sales!) 


SHOP THE POST: Turtleneck Sweater (5 colors) | Maxi Skirt (Stretchy and comfy! Such a staple.) | Bow Heels (Ann Taylor) | Earrings | Gold Cuff Bracelet 

This weekend, I'm doing a cookie baking day with Chris's mom and sisters—I've pinned a lot of recipes here, but still need to decide on two! Let me know if you have any favorites in the comments!—and hopefully wrapping up some gift shopping. Next week looks busy busy, and I'm excited to soak it all in and enjoy this magical time leading up to Christmas (in some fun shoes).

Have a very merry weekend! 

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We're Engaged!

We're Engaged!