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What I'm Getting Chris for Valentine's Day

What I'm Getting Chris for Valentine's Day

This is Chris and my third Valentine's Day together. The past two years, he sent bouquets to my office—the first, it was only a month after we had officially started dating, and I was surprised and so impressed to receive a giant boxful of wildflowers—a bold declaration of our relationship and his confidence in it. And he didn't disappoint the second year, actually (mistakenly) sending two bouquets of tulips and causing lots of jokes amongst my coworkers about my show-off boyfriend. It was my first time ever receiving flowers at work, and I felt very spoiled. We don't like to make a huge THING of the holiday—no need to spend hundreds of dollars—but a few surprises to show you care are always fun! Here's a peek at what I'm thinking about wrapping up for Chris on February 14. 


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  • a backpack with a laptop sleeve so he doesn't have to carry a dorky briefcase to work

  • croakies for summer boating!

  • a stainless steel beer growler to take a cold one to our kickball league this spring

  • a masculine reed diffuser for the bathroom (I'm sorry, but Febreeze is worse than nothing at all—a diffuser is a little more discreet)

  • a dip bowl for his chips & salsa cravings

  • a sling bag for our bike trips and travels!

We haven't decided if we'll go out or stay in to celebrate, but I would love to try Barbette's new Champagne bar, Trapeze for a little aperitif!

Tonight we're catching up with friends at a brewery, and the rest of the weekend will be low-key. I'm excited to do some of the regular stuff—like go to the gym—that I haven't seemed to have time for lately. Maybe we'll even set up some meetings with a realtor and mortgage broker! Getting so excited as we get closer to buying a house!


What is your most memorable Valentine's Day? How are you celebrating (or not) this year? 

P.S. My latest wish list, affordable wood-framed sunglasses and my new morning wake-up call


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