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The Best Holiday (and Life) Hack

The Best Holiday (and Life) Hack

Happy Tuesday! Despite a busy Monday that left my head pounding a little bit (but in a good way if that makes sense) and only two short weeks until Christmas, I’m starting the week anxiety-freeeeee. ALL OF MY CHRISTMAS GIFTS ARE WRAPPED. One more time for the people in the back: ALL OF MY CHRISTMAS GIFTS ARE WRAPPED. And I didn’t have to lift a finger—Gift Six dropped by and did the dirty work for me.

If you didn’t know, I hate wrapping gifts. It’s a pain to buy boxes, ribbons and paper, we don’t really have space in our house to spread out and wrap, glitter always gets everywhere and I’m just not good at it. My family always makes fun of my gifts for looking like a two-year-old wrapped them: way too much tape, jagged edges, bunchy corners.. the list goes on. Honestly, I don’t have the patience or desire to produce something Martha Stewart would be proud of. This year, I finally decided that the stress wrapping causes isn’t worth it. When people say to outsource your life, this is what they mean! If there’s something you don’t like to do or don’t have the time for—whether it’s cleaning the house, blowdrying your hair, filing your taxes or wrapping gifts—outsource it. You aren’t expected to do it all (or do it all well), and there’s no time that’s more true than the holidays.

Gift Six swung by after I got home from work on Friday night, swept my disorganized pile of gifts inside The Wrappery and transformed everything into pretty little packages while I sipped a glass of wine. I got to select paper for each of my recipients based on their personalities—rather than buy a bunch of different rolls and only use a little of each—and Andrea, the owner/founder, actually knows how to tie a decent-looking bow. MAGIC! It’s true that it’s the thought that counts, but a beautiful package really adds to the gift opening experience—it shows that real care went into the gift and creates a moment for someone to savor, which is priceless. I also feel like giving well-wrapped gifts is one of those signs of adulthood (like throwing a decent dinner party and knowing how to pump up my tires) that I can’t get away with not doing anymore. ON MY WAY, PEOPLE, ON MY WAY. In any case, I’m excited to show up at Christmas this year knowing my mom won’t be stuffing my gifts on the backside of the tree, and I’ll definitely be booking Gift Six to wrap my bridesmaid gifts this spring!


before The Wrappery arrived… pure chaos


inside The Wrappery! So fun.


Andrea at work!


Ta da! Nobody’s putting these gifts in the corner.

I’m curious: what in your life do you outsource? Book your holiday wrapping with Gift Six here (hurry—only a few pre-Christmas appointments left).

P.S. Swing by my Insta Stories later today for a Q&A with Andrea, shop my essentials for creating a cozy Christmas tree situation below, and don’t miss my holiday wish list and budget-friendly gift guide for some last-minute gifting inspo.

Gift Six provided complimentary wrapping in exchange for this post and promotion of services. All opinions are my own.

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